What We Do

Troop 61 Scouts have fun!  

Here are the highlights:


Each year, Troop 61 attends a BSA long-term summer camp. This camp is one week in duration and will provide a large variety of outdoor activities such as camping, boating, shooting, swimming, crafts, and more. Depending on the activities you choose to do, it is possible to advance in rank or earn several merit badges while at camp.



Once a year, in addition to near-monthly outings, Troop 61 plans a high adventure activity for the Scouts. This may be a 50+ mile hike, an extended canoeing trip, climbing or even an extended trip like the Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico. Participation in these trips may be limited by rank, age, or the demonstration of proficiency by obtaining Merit Badges in advance of the trip.


Troop 61 will participate in several community service projects each year. These projects may include charity clothing/food drives, trail or camp cleanup, or other activities that benefit the community. Each scout should keep a log of time spent on these projects in his scout handbook (community service hours are required for some rank advancements).



Three times each year the troop holds a special meeting called the Court of Honor. At this ceremony, scouts will be recognized for the advancements and achievements they have earned. They will receive the rank advancement patch or merit badges that they have earned. All Scouts are expected to attend in full uniform. Family members and guests are strongly encouraged to attend.