About Troop 61


At Troop 61, we strive to have honest, healthy relationships with each other that are grounded in respect. As a result, we shape the leaders of today and the future. Troop 61 is a boy-led troop. Boy leaders plan and execute their own program, with parent participation and support. New Scouts begin with small jobs under the guidance of more experienced Scouts. As their skills and knowledge improve, new responsibilities are given to them. Learning leadership skills is one of the most important aspects of being a Boy Scout.

Troop 61 conducts training sessions for our new leaders after every election, which are held twice a year. Each Scout will learn the skills needed to carry out his job in the Troop and will learn to pass those skills on to other boys.

Grasping the concept of Boy Leadership can be very difficult for some adults. Things may not always run as smoothly as you would run them, it may even be painful at times and sometimes events will be cancelled. Sometimes the guys suffer the consequences for poor planning, but MOST of the times they guys are having a BLAST running the show, and they are ALWAYS learning and developing leadership skills. We’ve seen timid 11 year old become “seasoned” scouts, 14 year old clowns become 16 year old leaders, and 16 year old become very competent young adults. It is an amazing process.